A new medium for a digital age

We have perfected a way to produce digital drawings in a time-frame that allows us to offer custom, commissioned art at a price point that makes it affordable. Digital painting has been around a number of years now but it usually amounts to modifications of an existing picture. The results are usually good enough for social media but usually do not print well as a large format piece to hang on a wall.

Our technique has taken over three years to develop and refine but unlike most digital art, it does not rely on modifying the original reference picture with a series of filters, but rather is achieved by starting from scratch and building the piece in layers, mostly with a brush tool, just as an artist would with layers of pastel or watercolour on paper.

We have been offering watercolour portraits for over a decade now but it is very difficult to make them affordable, since each piece takes an average of a week to produce.

Over time our style has been refined too; playing on the counterpoint between realism and abstraction. The realism component ensures that the picture looks like the subject (i.e. is recognisable) and the abstraction component makes the piece art in a way that it can say something that a photograph cannot. Our goal is to make the work look just like the subject from a distance but as the viewer approaches, the illusion breaks and the essential construction of the piece is evident.

This technique works very well for fur, feathers, scales and skin as you can see in our gallery of pictures below.

Below is an animation of a picture being drawn to show how the layers are built.